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Mica Ferro Oxide Powder

Mica Ferro Oxide Powder

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  Product feature

  1. Filter used as antirust paint. The anti-rust coating made of micaceous iron oxide has good water permeability, strong adhesion and excellent anti-rust property

  2. Anti-rust filler, which can be used as adhesive and sealant, has the function of shielding. By overlapping with each other of the flake particles, the diffusion channel of water and corrosive media is blocked.Can provide long-term antiseptic effect

  3. Non-toxic and environmentally, mica iron oxide itself basically does not contain lead, chromium and other heavy metals, and can replace red lead and other antirust pigments. Can be flame cutting or welding, not like red lead and other toxic pigments easy to harm the welder, serious lead poisoning occupational disease

  4. Strong adhesion between paint film coating layer of cloud iron thin slice has appropriate roughness, can maintain stable adhesion, in outdoor use two or three months, paint film surface part of the cloud iron crystal, can increase its adhesion ability

  5. Low price mica iron oxide is a high cost performance antirust pigment with high quality and low price, which is widely used in the field of heavy corrosion protection. The intermediate paint on top of the zinc-rich primer coating can not only play a good role in shielding the whole coating, effectively improve the impermeability and anticorrosion of the coating, but also increase the thickness of the coating and reduce the cost of the coating

  Using range

  This product is used as primer, intermediate and top coat of anticorrosive (rust) coatings.It can also be used as antirust filler for adhesives and sealants

  Product description

  Appearance: gray flake crystalline powder

  Executive standard: execute national standard GB6755-86

  Density: 4.2~4.8

  Main chemical composition: α-Fe2O3

  Direction: mix directly with base material, auxiliary material, auxiliary agent and solvent and disperse.

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