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Composite Antirust pigment 806

Composite Antirust pigment 806

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  Production Feature

  1、 Neutral, non-toxic, without heavy metals, and paint has a good affinity and adhesion

  2、 In the process of paint making, it is easy to disperse to make anti-rust paint or primer, which has good stability and is not easy to be stratified. Its anti-rust performance is better than other phosphate anti-rust pigments, with high cost performance

  Production Description

  Appearance: white powder

  Ingredient: phosphate and silicate etc

  Direction: mix directly with base material, auxiliary material, auxiliary agent and solvent and disperse.

  Package: 25kg plastic bags, 1 ton package

  Storage: Dry and ventilated


  Applicable to all kinds of base material coatings, used for preparing various anti-rust, anti-corrosion organic solvent coating and waterbase coating, such as phenolic, acrylic, epoxy, etc., can be widely used in marine, equipment, industrial machinery, steel structural parts, color steel tile board and other aspects of anti-corrosion, anti-rust.

  Anti-Rust Mechanism

  The product is made of composite phosphate after surface treatment and a certain amount of ultrafine powder. By high strength modification on the surface of powder particles, pigment and organic binding force increase, in addition to the introduction of nanoscale powder and the small size effect and surface effect, cut off the coating of the wool stoma diameter, effectively improve the film density, greatly reduce the permeability of the film, effectively cut off the water molecules, such as oxygen, carbon dioxide, sulfur dioxide corrosion medium erosion on the surface of steel.

  Chemical & Physical components and Index


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