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Ferro Phosphorus Powder

Ferro Phosphorus Powder

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  Using Range:

  We choose the super refined ferro phosphorus iron which produced by our own factory, developed together with the relevant scientific research units, processing with our company's own research and development of special equipment, particle size can be 200 to 1500 mesh. The product is non-toxic, no smell, good conductivity and thermal conductivity, high cost performance, corrosion performance, can replace part of zinc powder, used in the production of epoxy zinc rich primer, can also be used to produce other shop primer and anticorrosive paint, is an ideal product for heavy-duty coating to reduce the cost, are widely used in containers, marine, high temperature resistant coating, steel structure of conductive coating, heavy-duty zinc-rich coating system

  Anti-Rust Mechanism:

  The protection of ferro phosphorous powder on metal substrate is realized by physical shielding, chemical corrosion inhibition and electrochemical cathodic protection. Yingchuan ferro phosphorus powder with the help of its fine particles to fill the paint film structure, cut off the capillary pores in the coating, improve the tightness of the paint film, reduce the permeability of the paint film, and play a role in blocking the further in-depth shielding of corrosive media (carbon dioxide, oxygen, sulfur dioxide, water and other media).The passivation and phosphating action between ferro phosphorus powder and the metal surface makes the metal surface partially or completely avoid the possibility of becoming anode. The excellent electrical conductivity of phosphoric iron powder forms a conductive protective layer on the surface of iron and steel, so that the substrate is cathodic protection. Meantime the corrosion products of ferro phosphorus powder are stable and insoluble high-valent iron compounds, which accumulate in the coating, so that the shielding effect is also enhanced. The superposition effect of the three aspects realizes the excellent antirust property of the ferro phosphorous

  Product Description

  Appearance: Black, Dark Gray

  Standard: Q/HYC-001-2017

  QAS: ISO9001-2015

  Particle Size: 200mesh 500mesh 800mesh 1200mesh

  Density: 5.5-6.0

  Direction: mix with material, additives, auxiliary material and solvent directly

  Storage: Dry and ventilated

  Package: 25kg plastic bags, 1 ton package

  Chemical & Physical components and Index

  Remark: Different particle size with different oil absorption

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