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Composite FerroPhosphorus powder

Composite FerroPhosphorus powder

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This grade is a compound grade FerroPhosphorus powder with better anti-rust, by being mixed with some super fine FerroPhosphorus powder and surface treatment. it can replace some (20 ~ 50%) zinc powder for the production. It can also be used in the production of other shop primer or anticorrosive paint. It is the ideal product to reduce the cost of heavy anti-corrosion coating. It is widely used in containers paints, ships paints, high temperature paints, steel structure conductive paints, heavy anti-corrosion paints.

  Antirust mechanism

Through surface treatment to enhance the binding capacity of the base material and pigment, we can improve the film compactness, reducing the permeableity of the film, blocking the corrosive medium (carbon dioxide, oxygen, sulfur dioxide, water and other media) to further the role of shielding.

  Product Description

Color: Black, Dark Gray Density:5.5—6.5(depends on grade)

Technical Standard: Plant Standard Q/HYC-001-2013

Direction: mix with material, additives, auxiliary material and solvent directly

Particle Size(mesh): 200 325 500 800 1200

Storage: Dry and ventilated Package: 25kg plastic bags, 1 ton package

  Main Components and Index

Items P2O5 Fe3O4 Residues(500mesh) Density Oil Absorption pH
Index 22-38% 38-52% ≤1% 4.8-5.5 ≤15g/100g 7-9


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