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Multielement Pre-Alloyed Powder

Multielement Pre-Alloyed Powder

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Series Major Element Oxygen Content Density
(g/ cm³)
Sintering Temperature
Application Production Dosage
YJF-41 FeCuNiSn ≤0.30% 8.20 800 Fickert & Wall groove plate ≥40%
YJF-42 FeCuNiSn ≤0.30% 8.28 800 Ceramic blade & Wall groove plate & Thin-wall drill ≥50%
YJF-61 FeCuSn ≤0.30% 8.07 800 Bits & Wall groove plate ≥50%
YJF-63 FeCuCo ≤0.30% 8.67 850 Wire Saw & Geologic drill ≥60%
YJF-65 FeCuCoNi ≤0.30% 8.38 850 Wire Saw & Geologic drill ≥50%
YJF-66 FeCuNiSnCr ≤0.45% 7.90 800 Middle & small diameter blade ≥40%
YJF-68 FeCuCoSnP ≤0.35% 8.28 800 High-Grade Ceramic Blade ≥50%


Contrapose the characteristic of multielement, we use special atomization to develop the multielement pre-alloyed powder under cooperation with domestic R & D institude. The powder have good performance on alloying. The production have good stability each batches, good formability, size distribution concentration, stability, lower oxygen content, little fluctuate scope. It make final production easy shaping, size of sintering easy to control, no layering, have good crushing strength.

Range of Application

Middle & small size blade, large & middle size blade, engineering blade, Thin-wall drill


Appearance: Gray Technical Standard: Company Standard

Major Elements:Fe, Cu, Co, Ni, Sn, Re Particle Size: 200mush,300mush

Package: 5KG double layer vacuum package Storage: 1 year under normal temperature

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