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Copper and Tin Basic pre-alloyed powder series

Copper and Tin Basic pre-alloyed powder series

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Series Major Element Oxygen Content Density (g/ cm³) Apparent Density
(g/ cm³)
Particle Size D50
Particle Size
YJF-20 CuSn10 ≤0.12% 8.76 2.7-3.2 ≤16 200/300
YJF-21 CuSn15 ≤0.12% 8.66 2.7-3.2 ≤16 200/300
YJF-21C CuSnCoP ≤0.10% 8.67 2.7-3.1 ≤17 Marbles
YJF-23 CuSn20 ≤0.12% 8.57 2.7-3.2 ≤16 200/300
YJF-25 CuSn50 ≤0.12% 8.05 2.6-3.1 ≤14 200/300



The major materials are 1# tin ingot and high purity copper cathode, we use atomization by water and air to make tin and copper complete alloying. The production have good stability each batches, good formability, size distribution concentration, stability, lower oxygen content, little fluctuate scope. The scale of final production can adjust as demands, we make the easier formula, better stability and comprehensive cost-performance ratio.

Range of Application

Used for diamonds tools as basic powder, replace pure copper and tin, can reduce dosage of copper and tin.


Appearance: Gray, Taupe Technical Standard: Company Standard

Major Elements:Sn, Cu Particle Size: 200mush,300mush,400mush

Package: 5KG double layer vacuum package Storage: 1 year under normal temperature

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