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Composite Antirust Ferro Titanium Powder YC608

Composite Antirust Ferro Titanium Powder YC608

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  Using Range

  This product is made of ultrafine ferro phosphorus powder as the carrier, a certain amount of compound environmental protection pigment is introduced into a certain amount of compound ultrafine (micro) powder after high temperature coating surface treatment, excellent dispersibility and fluidity, excellent anti-rust performance. This product can partly replace zinc powder to make zinc-rich primer, can completely replace MIO, zinc oxide, low quality zinc powder, zinc phosphate and other antirust pigments, or can be used collocation.

  Anti-Rust Mechanism

  ur company product powder through a special surface treatment, powder coated surface evenly, products covering rate is high, the dispersion and liquidity is excellent, through a variety of organic fertilizer on ultrafine powder and paint surface heat treatment, in the paint surface density of cladding layer, effectively block the water molecules, oxygen and other gas erosion of steel, and greatly enhance the adhesion of pigment on the surface of the steel, which have excellent antirust resistance

  Production Feature

  1、 Compared with other anti - rust pigments, the stability, anti - sink and anti - rust of paint have got obviously improved

  2、 The process of making paint is easy to disperse, suitable for making anti-rust primer of various solvent base materials

  3、 Non - toxic, non - toxic, non - flammable, should be ideal environmental production

  4、 Made of anticorrosive paint easy to use, both mopping and paint spraying can be accept, are applicable to all kinds of anticorrosive paint, primer

  Production Description

  Standard: Q/HYC-001-2017

  QAS: ISO9001-2015

  Storage: Dry and ventilated

  Package: 25kg plastic bags, 1 ton package

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